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Finally,  property valuer adelaide the survey has confirmed that in many cases published local authority parking standards are applied in the development control process even where they conflict with the October 1999 PPG13 consultation draft. This is the direct opposite of the approach taken by Government Offices and the Secretary of State when they are involved in the process, i.e. they require the draft PPG13 standards to be applied.


This difference of approach means that a developer often finds establishing the ground rules for a new scheme to be a lengthy and uncertain business. We believe the whole of the development planning ‘industry’ is concerned that the position must be clarified. valuer sydney The clarification presumably will come from formal issue of the revised PPG13. It remains to be seen whether the final version will contain the same maximum permitted parking levels as the draft. If it does, then the maximum B1 Use Class parking ratio of 1:35 m2 Will be likely to cause some significant difficulties against our findings.

Unless the Guidance recognises the need for an appropriate transition period in which new maximum parking ratios are to be phased in, and accessibility by other modes improved, many areas will find it increasingly difficult to attract the development that the survey shows so many of them keen to encourage.

Government pressure on local planning authorities to reduce their parking standards is increasing. Some are responding to that pressure more quickly and dramatically than others, but there is a clear trend across England towards reducing permitted parking levels. What quite clearly seems to be lacking over most of the country is any consistency of approach.

London boroughs are already finding difficulties in applying these in areas where they seek to encourage or retain employment. The fact that RPG3 proposes parking standards which imply a reduction in car commuting to one tenth of that currently prevailing in outer London, means that major new development in London is likely to be confined to sites which are well served by public transport, as the government intends.

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With the passage of time, necessary changes should be done so that clients do get better results from the process of valuation. By doing a survey and the research in West Coast Valuers process appropriate steps are to be taken through which improvement can be possible to achieve in the valuation process.  We’ve been approached about doing other types of projects on that property besides what we’ve envisioned. Whether or not we want to make it a residential project or make it industrial or manufacturing has not been determined.

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